Orizaba will analyze imposing fines on those who do not wear face masks


Considering that out of respect for citizens, regardless of whether someone believes in covid-19 and takes care of themselves or not, preventive measures must be followed on public roads, the next Cabildo will see the imposition of a fine on those who do not wear face masks said the mayor of Orizaba, Juan Manuel Diez Francos .

He mentioned that so far this year there have been 35 deaths, one of them due to the coronavirus, and there are forecasts that a fourth wave could soon affect the omicron variant.

“When talking with the council members, everyone is of the opinion that respect for fellow citizens and neighbors is that they wear a mask; the demand that one of the council members is going to submit, a proposal, is that they are going to be fined. person who are without the mask. First, we are going to do it with a warning and then with an infraction “.

Ten Francos pointed out that the proposal of the amount will be made in the next Cabildo and would come into effect as soon as the councilors approve it.

Regarding the possibility that covid exams will continue to be given to city students for free, he indicated that the issue of the municipality’s finances has to be seen, which at this time “are not very buoyant.”

He indicated that the previous administration invested almost three million pesos in support of the vaccination operation against covid-19, since the citizens come first and the acronyms have nothing to do with it.

The mayor was interviewed at the end of the Cabildo session on Thursday, where the members of the municipal DIF were protested, which is headed by Hugo Chahín Kuri as president and Aurora Martínez Sánchez as director.

In the end, a raffle was held to give away 220 passes to the same number of children, who will be able to fly over the city in a hot air balloon this Friday and Saturday.

Source: imagendeveracruz.mx

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