He was Brad Pitt’s first employer and he’s from Sinaloa


In the 80s, the famous actor asked for a job in “El Pollo Loco”, in Los Angeles, California, there were only vacancies other than motley; Brad Pitt accepted the job dressing as the mascot of the Mexican company.

Guasave, Sinaloa. – Juan Francisco Ochoa Zazueta, a renowned businessman from Sinaloa who owns the “El Pollo Loco” franchise, was Brad Pitt’s first boss before he rose to success as a Hollywood actor .

This passage is part not only of the anecdotes that the actor tells in interviews about his life but also in the accumulation of stories carried by this restaurant company that was founded in GuasaveSinaloa, 47 years ago and is now a global chain.

It was in the 80s when “El Pollo Loco” arrived in the United States, successfully expanding to the state of California, where the famous actor lived together with the manager of the Los Angeles branch and asked him for work on the weekends, but at that time there were only vacancies of motley, so Brad Pitt accepted the job dressing up as the mascot of the Mexican company, a feathered yellow chicken that received diners.

Francisco Ochoa, the owner of the company, said that this position was free since the person who held that position was originally from Guasave and had been deported by Migration.

“He disguised himself as a chicken, logically still he was not an artist, he lived in the same apartment that Charly Gálvez lived, who was the manager of a Pollo Loco, he told him: ‘Hey, get me a job Saturday and Sunday to earn something.’ And he told him that the only thing is that it is chicken because El Verde, one who dressed as chicken, who is from here in Guasave, had just been taken out by Migration, and Brad Pitt worked there, “said Francisco Ochoa.

Although the owner of the restaurant did not know the actor at that time, his wish is one day to meet him, and at least take a picture with him, as he stated that he has heard and seen interviews that have been done with Brad Pitt, in which he very proud, he says that the first penny he earned in his life was disguised as “El Pollo Loco”.

The Mazatlan Post