Video: Canadian influencers stranded in Cancun after in-flight party: Trudeau seeks fines


The Canadian prime minister confessed that he was “very frustrated” with the videos, where he said that the influencers put the airline staff “in danger with their total irresponsibility”

The party staged on December 30 by a group of Canadian”influencers” and television personalities on a charter flight between Montreal and Cancun, Mexico, has caused outrage in Canada after the appearance of videos showing passengers without masks, drinking, and smoking on the plane. 

Canadian authorities launched an investigation into what happened on the Sunwing company flight that departed on December 30 from Montreal to the Mexican resort of Cancun. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confessed on Wednesday that he was “very frustrated” with the videos that were initially posted on social networks by the protagonists, although they were later deleted when the controversy broke out. 

Trudeau declared during a press conference that passengers, “influencers” of social networks and participants of “reality TV” programs in the province of Quebec, put the airline staff “in danger with their total irresponsibility.” 

Trudeau considera “una bofetada” fiesta de influencers canadienses varados  en Cancún

“It is a slap in the face,” said the Canadian prime minister who today again asked Canadians for sacrifices to get out of the fifth wave of the virus

The images show the passengers on the flight without masks, dancing in the aisle of the plane, passing bottles of alcohol, and in at least one case, a person is carried away (“crowd surfing”) while the plane is in flight.


The owner of the company that chartered the plane to transport passengers to a six-day event in Cancun, James William Awad, denied that any safety rules or Covid-19 regulations were violated

In a tweet on his account, Awad called the incident “a simple party on a plane” and asked to be given time “to understand the situation better.” 

But Sunwing reported what happened to the Canadian Ministry of Transportation and described the behavior of the passengers as “anarchic” and contrary to the regulations. 

The company canceled the group’s return flight, which is still in Cancun. Other Canadian airlines have also refused to accept the group on their planes back to Canada. 

Passengers who violate the regulations face fines of up to 5,000 Canadian dollars (3,917 US dollars). 

Montreal, the starting point of the flight, is currently one of the epicenters of the pandemic in Canada due to the explosion of cases due to the omicron variant. The city has imposed a curfew and strict restrictions on business activities to control the growth of infections. 

Canadian authorities announced today 37,410 new cases of Covid-19 and 57 deaths. But experts warn that the actual number of infections is much higher because test analysis services are overwhelmed and authorities recommend that people with symptoms not take tests.


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