The 10 cheapest cars in Mexico for 2022


Discover the most affordable cars for this year.

A new year begins, you received the Christmas bonus, the savings fund, or you simply finished the year by saving money, so you are ready to buy a new car. Whatever your need, you are a person who takes care of your expenses, you are looking for an economical car, cheap to acquire, well here we give you the list of the cheapest cars in Mexico for this year 2022 that is running.

Be careful, this list only includes the most affordable cars, we do not understand maintenance costs, if they are the safest, the most efficient, etc. They are only those that have the lowest cost of sale and are considered the entry variant in each model.

To prepare this compendium, we consider the list prices announced by the manufacturers on their official website in January 2022 (we will, throughout the year, update the information based on new modifications or launches, if applicable). Once this is clarified, let’s get to know them.


Price: $ 190,500 pesos

Engine: 1.0 L 4 cylinder 69 Hp, 5 speed manual transmission

It came to our market five years ago, in 2021 it received a slight facelift as improvements in equipment. Although it is not a bestseller, it is an option for those users who are looking for a small, durable car that does not hit potholes at all because of its height to the ground. It offers good equipment and the fuel consumption is reasonable, although it does not exceed the Kwid.

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Renault kwid

Price: $ 202,000 pesos

Engine: 1.0 L 3-cylinder 66 Hp, 5-speed manual transmission

It came to our market three years ago, it is one of the cheapest cars you can buy. It is a car that offers good comfort and safety equipment, as well as being a good ally in consumer affairs. It has given the French firm good sales, because in addition to its affordable price, its SUV design draws the attention of many.

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Hyundai grand i10

Price: $ 206,500 pesos

Engine: 1.2 L 4-cylinder 82 Hp, 5-speed manual transmission

It arrived as a new generation model at the end of 2020. It is a hatchback that is always present in this list, as it is characterized by being an affordable car that offers reliability, good handling, good fuel efficiency and is an enduring car for the day. a day. It is available in an automatic version, as well as a sedan body, but it is obviously more expensive.

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Nissan march

Price: $ 232,900 pesos

Engine: 1.6 L 4 cylinder 106 Hp, 5 speed manual transmission

This long-lived and best-selling hatchback was the cheapest model to acquire in this list, but in 2021 it underwent a strong update in design, equipment and safety, which caused it to increase in price. This 2022 model already offers stability control. This car is guaranteed durability, reliability, good resale value, and affordable parts.

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Dodge attitude

Price: $ 244,900 pesos

Engine: 1.2 L 3-cylinder 76 Hp, 5-speed manual transmission

This long-lived sedan of Mitsubishi origin. It is a car that stands out for its high fuel efficiency and good equipment. You can buy it at a good price (they have substantial discounts per season, which are worth checking out). It came to our country six years ago and it remains in force as an affordable option.

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Nissan v-drive

Price: $ 244,900 pesos

Engine: 1.6 L 4 cylinder 105 Hp, 5 speed manual transmission

The name may not even jump you, but the image does, it is the previous generation Versa and it is called the V-Drive. It is a sedan that, although it is uncomfortable to look at, inside is super generous in space for its occupants as well as the trunk, it offers a good volume of cargo. Fuel consumption is regular, it feels slow to drive, but if you don’t mind this, your family will travel at ease.

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Suzuki ignis

Price: $ 244,990 pesos

Engine: 1.2 L 4-cylinder 82 Hp, 5-speed manual transmission

This nano SUV, as the brand calls it, is a guarantee of reliability, equipment and manufacturing quality. With a striking design and high fuel efficiency, it is the most affordable purchase option within the Japanese brand, its brother the Swift is much more expensive. In addition to all of the above, its maintenance costs are very cheap.

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Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Price: 251,500 pesos

Engine: 1.2 L 3-cylinder 76 Hp, 5-speed manual transmission

It’s a super-performing sedan, good space, reliable and slow to drive, but it delivers. You know it from another brand like Dodge Attitude, but this is the original, with all the corresponding Mitsubishi image. It stands out for offering improved equipment such as safety compared to the Attitude.

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Volkswagen Polo and Vento

Price: $ 253,920 pesos

Engine: 1.6 L 4-cylinder 105 Hp, 5-speed manual transmission

We do not know why both cars have the same price (be careful, it is a cash price, the brand does not provide the list price on its page), but we put them together because they are of the same brand. One is a 3.9-meter long hatchback, the other a 4.3-meter long sedan. Obviously, the second is broader than the first (in addition, it is one of the best sellers in our country). They share the same engine, as well as equipment such as acceptable safety. They are made in India. They are reliable cars, with good handling and with a design that many fall in love with.

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Chevrolet aveo

Price: $ 255,900 pesos

Engine: 1.5 L 4 cylinders 107 Hp, 5 speed manual gearbox

This sedan known to many appears as the last of the listing. You can buy it with a good discount in cash or on credit. Originally made in Mexico, now imported from China. It is in the top 5 of the best-selling cars. It offers a balanced engine for both comfort and performance, the space as the equipment is reasonable. It is sold in manual or automatic transmission.

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We are sure that this compendium of the cheapest cars for 2022 surprised you as much as it did us, as there were very radical changes compared to the previous year. Now we have to recognize that there are no longer “cheap” cars as such; the only one that is below 200 thousand is the Mobi, and it will surely not take long to rise. From there, they all move from 200,000 to 255,000.

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