Mexico among the most amazing countries for the comfortable life of retirees


Enjoying Your Golden Years in Style
According to, there are quite a few countries worth retiring to, and the website indexes them by “comfortable retirement rank”. Here’s the thing: the way such lists are compiled doesn’t always reflect the sort of things retirees are looking for in a retirement community. So we’re going to include a few entries from that list here, but not by their ranking.

You can follow the link here for a more in-depth examination of US News’ opinion on the matter, and we will list their ranking in the subheadings below for context. With that in mind, for a variety of reasons, the following five countries are some of the most amazing options for retirees.

Thailand, #20
Thailand is a fine place to retire. The food is excellent, the cost of living is low, the property is cheap, the land is cheap, and the quality of anything you buy is much higher than its associated cost.

Now granted, Thailand is a better environment for younger people than the elderly owing to infrastructure. That said, it’s got a lot to offer, and the exotic nature of the locale is definitely considerable. If you’re looking for a temperate, exciting, exotic place to spend your retirement, Thailand is the place to go.

Spain, #4
Spain is a fine place to retire. It has surprisingly good healthcare and a cost of living that’s astonishingly low, given its location. The country is a combination of many different cultures and climates, and Europe is all around. Many retirees make Spain a sort of home base and travel through Europe like one would travel through the United States in a motorhome.

In Spain, you’ve got access to the Iberian peninsula, Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Canary Islands, surrounding Europe, and several enclaves of North Africa. It’s a place that’s both more exotic and more affordable than the United States.

Panama, #10
Still, Spain is across the Atlantic Ocean, and there are closer exotic locales that are also affordable. For example, Panama. There are lots to consider to retire in Panama, but one thing that makes this a favorite country for many ex-pats is the cost of living, which is quite low. Also, there’s a reasonably high level of infrastructure and decent healthcare.

Mexico, #22
Mexico is well-known to many American retirees for its fine climate and cost-effective options in terms of living arrangements. However, there are some issues with certain communities that aren’t really controlled by the government. The best bet for retirees in Mexico is finding communities that are primarily composed of ex-pats.

Tourist areas and the like are very affordable in Mexico, even though they’re a cut above the rest of the country price-wise. You can find villas right on the beach for what you would pay on the cheapest property in a normal American community. Just be sure you’re careful with the water, and you choose where you live strategically. Do that, and you’ll do quite well in Mexico.

Costa Rica, #15
Still, for many retirees, Mexico or Panama just aren’t quite so exotic as is desired. Costa Rica fits the bill in lieu of those countries.

It’s an astonishingly stable country and has been around as a nation since the 1800s. Infrastructure is quite decent in Costa Rica. Also, you’ll be able to explore tropical jungles, beaches, and much more.

Lots of ecotourists visit Costa Rica. It’s both multicultural and multi-ethnic and has had a working constitution since 1949. It’s often more cost-effective than the United States, and astonishingly beautiful.

In these areas, you’ll find cost-effective living and infrastructure silhouetted in tropical intrigue and fine climates. As with any undertaking that involves moving your home base to a different country, you’ll want to do your homework and make the best choice.

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