Sonora and Arizona need each other (OPINION)


By Esteban Moctezuma Barragán

(AZ-Central).- I visited Phoenix at the end of Hispanic Heritage Month. It was a symbolic moment to acknowledge the strong relationship Mexico has built with Arizona as well as the important and beneficial impact the Mexican community has had on the state.

The Oct. 13-14 visit was fruitful and engrossing. I had distinct meetings with members of the Mexican community in Arizona and the chance to hear about their needs, interests, and success stories while promoting health, education, and assistance services that positively impact their empowerment and protection.

I also met with authorities from major academic institutions such as Arizona State University (ASU) and its Thunderbird School of Global Management to foster the development of educational programs as well as the connections between Mexico and Arizona through academic, technical, scientific and cultural exchanges.

Meetings with political actors such as Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and the leadership of the Arizona state Legislature were also part of my agenda. It was especially important to acknowledge their support for migrant causes and Senate Bill 1420, which accepts the Mexican Consular ID as a valid form of identification in the state of Arizona.

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