“Mexico is Dark”: Tenoch Huerta publishes an image about racism in the country; goes viral


The images are by designer Wess Montoya, who on his Instagram account shares some of his publications to make racial discrimination in the country visible.

Tenoch Huerta is one of the actors who have made discrimination visible in the middle of the show, but not only does racism exist there, it has also been noted in Mexico, a country in which classism reigns in society and now the protagonist de Güeros shared two images with which he went viral on social networks. 

The images are by designer Wess Montoya, who on his Instagram account shares some of his images to make racial discrimination in the country visible, two of them, those shared by the Güeros actor, in which he mentions that Mexico is racist. 

“Mexico is racist although it hurts to accept it, racism hurts more,” wrote illustrator Wess Montoya on his Instagram account, in which he has had thousands of ‘likes’.

Although the images went viral when they were shared by the actor and activist, Tenoch Huerta on his Twitter account, to talk about the racism that exists in the country. This was not well received by some netizens. 

In another image, in which the man who has a jacket similar to the ones that became popular a few years ago ‘Mexico is the shit’, the illustrated wrote that Mexico is Dark since according to Wess 80 percent of Mexicans have dark complexions. 

“Proudly true! With more than 80 percent of dark people in Mexico, this can be seen in the social mobility survey carried out by CEEY in 2017, a survey similar to that of Inegi and the Colegio de México,” he wrote on his networks social. 

While Tenoch Huerta shared the publication on his social networks with a different tone in his message, as he said that the majority will be given “a lot of gutted courage” the figures that in Mexico there is 80 percent dark.” I think this is going to give them a lot of gutted courage … because we are no longer the 80 percent. We are not the minority, they are,” he said. 

But the name of Tenoch Huerta has been ringing a lot lately for various reasons. In our country, the actor became known for his forceful statements against racism in the entertainment industry, while for the rest of the world, he has become known for being chosen to play Namor in the MCU.

Tenoch in Narcos Mexico

Social networks allow us to express ourselves and communicate with people from all over the world in a matter of seconds, thus being able to capture ideas and feelings, but what happens when they play against us?

This happened to Tenoch Huerta, a future member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming film Black Planter Wakanda Forever, who due to a tweet from December 2018 is now in the eye of the hurricane.

Black Panther 2 in the public eye due to a tweet… Tenoch Huerta intolerant?

On a quick read, the tweet definitely looks like one of the worst intolerance slurs that can be made, yet it can also be read that it specifies that those who don’t understand that it is jokingly are wrong.

So now the Mexican actor, famous for his participation in Narcos México as Rafael Caro Quintero and in The Forever Purge as Juan, is being branded as HomophobicTransphobicclassist and other existing intolerances.

Undoubtedly this is proof that a misinterpreted message can cause many problems, and this is not the fault of whoever writes the message, at least when the correct marking is made as Tenoch did.

Black Panther 2 in danger?

In short, no, there is no need to worry about the future of Wakanda Forever but it must be noted that this misunderstanding is mainly due to a difference in language. This can be seen in the fact that the people who have been supporting the “cancellation” of Tenoch Huerta are English-speaking people.

This undoubtedly leaves us as a lesson that the language is still a cause of misunderstandings and senseless cancellations derived from a bad translation.

Source: elvortex.com, milenio.com

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