Puerto Peñasco tourism increases over 200%


Puerto Peñasco has registered about 2 million tourists in 2021. This represents a breath of fresh and is a sign of important recovery for the area following the impact particularly in 2020 of the Covid-19 pandemic, detailed Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).

Vázquez del Mercado further indicated this influx over the year means a 210% increase over 2020. While these numbers don’t equal those of 2019, at about 15% less, they are still positive and represent 100 million USD in revenue.

The OCV President noted Puerto Peñasco was one of the cities with the greatest growth in economic (tourism) revenue for Sonora. The city generated at least 43% of the State’s income from the 2% lodging tax this year.

Vázquez del Mercado added, while 2021 can be classified as a good tourism year, we must not dismiss the new omicron variant of Covid-19 and by no means let our guard down.

The Sonora Post