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Almost 30 years ago, two Mexican explorers conceived a different way of practicing adventure tourism, making it more enjoyable. Today, the vision of Waldemar Franco and Alfonso de la Parra (RIP) is an obligatory reference in Mexico.

The ailments of a sedentary life told me that I should reconnect with myself and nature and that is why I went to Jalcomulco. Obed Valdés, my guide, was born here, in the national capital of rafting. The “river of the hummingbirds” or Huitzilapan, in Totonaca, flows swiftly through crooked rock walls flanked by fruit trees and medicinal plants. There are slopes with rapids of all levels and it is a lot of fun to navigate, he said before tackling a level III rapid.

Alfonso and Waldemar came as a child to create a boaters club. It was exciting for the town and since then I wanted to dedicate myself to adventure tourism, he explained. The peasants are used to hearing the screams and laughter when the rafts reach the rapids. You have to hold on hard and row hard. The emotion is total before the force of the elements. 

We returned drenched, hungry and happy to the camp. I ate Veracruz-style fish and a chilpachole that Dona Verónica prepared. I spent the afternoon at the spa, then at the pool, and later at the bar. I showered with hot water in a beautiful bathroom, outdoors, and then slept inside a safari-style suite. That was the vision of Waldemar and Alfonso: to share the emotion and the lessons acquired by contact with nature, exalting the safety of their specialized guides, the comfort of their facilities and the service of people who are passionate about sharing what makes them happy.

His dream is a reality, explained Luis Espinosa Santillán, in charge of designing the adventures of the guests and who reached the top of Everest sponsored by Alfonso. It was an opportunity that I honor with each expedition as I wish our guests have the best weekend of their life. So it was. 

  • Jalcomulco is located near Coatepec. It has about five thousand inhabitants and its name of Nahuatl origin reminds us that the population is like in a pot full of sand.
Deportes Extremos en un paraíso lleno de lujo | Picocanoa Rodavento -  YouTube
  • In the dry season, canyoning is practiced in El Paraíso, where you will circumvent labyrinths and rock slides, jump into natural pools and observe all kinds of local flora and fauna (toucans and goldfish nests included). 
  • A quarter of foreign tourists who visit Mexico do adventure tourism since we are one of the megadiverse countries, that means that we still have the greatest variety of fauna and flora in the world. 
  • Waldemar Franco is a Mexican architect, explorer and businessman who, through various adventure hotels, offers incredible activities and spaces with the design, comfort and human talent necessary to exalt them. In 1993 he founded the company Río y Montaña together with Alfonso de la Parra (RIP), the third Mexican to ascend Everest and disappeared in 2006 together with Andrés Delgado Calderón during an expedition to Changabang, in the Himalayas.

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