The UN approved Mexico’s proposal to curb arms trafficking: “A great triumph,” celebrated Ebrard


The Mexican ambassador to the UN, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, confirmed to the Foreign Minister that the strategy was supported by 70 other countries

The Security Council of the United Nations Organization ( UN ) approved this Wednesday in session Mexico’s proposal to curb arms trafficking in Latin America, which was presented last November by Marcelo Ebrard, head of the Ministry of Foreign Relations ( SRE ).

This was confirmed in New York, by the Mexican ambassador to the UN, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, through a video call he had with Ebrard Casaubón and which he shared on his social networks.

The diplomat explained that thanks to the work of the entire Mexican Foreign Ministry, the resolution was adopted with 12 votes in favor and three abstentions; in addition to being endorsed by 70 other countries.“We came to the Council with a very good text that largely includes the proposals that you (Marcelo Ebrard) made before the plenary session of the Council […] As of today resolution 26/16, a formal resolution of the Security Council “

Juan Ramón de la Fuente and Marcelo Ebrard (Screenshot: SRE)Juan Ramón de la Fuente and Marcelo Ebrard (Screenshot: SRE)

De la Fuente, a former rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explained that the resolution involves eight fundamental points:

1. Endorse that small arms and light weapons pose threats to international peace and security.

2. Condemns arms flows that result in supplies to non-state actors, including criminals.

3. Calls for full compliance with the resolutions on the matter (the legal teeth).

4. Recognizes and encourages joint activities at borders, and calls for regional cooperation by land, sea and air.

5. Provide training and professional training for customs and border control personnel.

6. That there be a greater exchange of information on traffickers and routes.

7. Give a better follow-up to capital flows derived from illegal traffic.

8. Recognizes that the collaboration of private companies in the arms sector is very important.

Mexican Army personnel destroy weapons delivered by the people of Ciudad Juárez, on the border with the United States (Photo: EFE)Mexican Army personnel destroy weapons delivered by the people of Ciudad Juárez, on the border with the United States (Photo: EFE)”I think it gives Mexico much better elements to reinforce this fight that the Foreign Ministry has been leading since the beginning of this government (of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador)”

In this regard, Ebrard congratulated De la Fuente’s work, highlighting that a few weeks ago it was thought that the proposal was impassable, so this resolution “is a great triumph for Mexico.”“It is not a minor advance […] We take another step, because we are talking about the most powerful countries in the world, including the United States, in favor of the proposal we are making”

And he said that it will have a direct impact on Mexican society, because he stressed that it will allow the Federal Government to have better records and reduce the availability of weapons in the country.

Ebrard during the presentation of the proposal to the UN in November 2021 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)Ebrard during the presentation of the proposal to the UN in November 2021 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

It is worth mentioning that on August 4, Mexico filed an unprecedented lawsuit against arms manufacturers in the United States, accusing them of negligence for favoring the trafficking of arms linked to drug trafficking.

Questioned by the positions of the industry in which possible inadmissibility of the complaint is indicated, this December 22, Ebrard said he was confident that Mexico will win the case.“We are going to win this lawsuit. The industry’s assumption that the court would not admit it. And the Court admitted it. The arguments have the sympathy of the population ”.

This was supported by reiterating that “negligent practices” have 70% of the responsibility for the violence registered in Mexico: “The more weapons are available, the more homicides and violence you will have,” he mentioned.


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