La Niña phenomenon has Mexico on Alert


It is very likely that the “La Niña” phenomenon will intensify in the coming months in Mexico, according to the forecast being made by researcher Christian Domínguez Sarmiento, from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change of the UNAM. Its arrival would cause a drought in the style of what was seen in early 2021 and that caused shortages in the country’s dam system.

“La Niña” causes a lot of evaporation, few clouds, and direct radiation from the Sun. The phenomenon consists of anomalies of very cold temperatures on the surface of the tropical Pacific sea. Excessive cooling is caused by heavy rains, hurricanes, droughts in Latin America, and snowfall in North America.

” Since this October, the World Meteorological Organization declared that we are in ‘La Niña’ conditions” Domínguez retakes. However, the forecast is that for the next few months it will develop even in an intense way, which would favor the state of drought, especially in the north and center of the country.

Temperature changes that impact the planet

The natural phenomenon of “El Niño” causes temperatures in the central and eastern part of the Equatorial Pacific to fluctuate, changes that are associated with atmospheric changes. Adjusting the temperature has a great impact on the world’s climatic conditions. When the phenomenon of “El Niño” develops, the temperature of the Tropical Pacific heats up, while in the phenomenon of “La Niña” the opposite happens.

The phenomenon of La Nina lights red lights in Mexico, the unam estimates that it will cause drought in the first months of 2022

The World Meteorological Organization released last November a statement with the estimated probability of one of the two phenomena from December 2021 to February 2022. The result was 0% probability for “El Niño”, 90% probability for development of “La Niña” and only 10% for development of neutral conditions.

“Between September and October 2021, the conditions of the tropical Pacific evolved and the formation of a La Niña was observed, since the temperatures of the surface and subsurface waters in the whole of the central and eastern part of the Pacific were below The atmospheric conditions also registered values ​​consistent with the establishment of a weak episode of La Niña “.

World Meteorological Organization

If the forecast is correct, the temperature anomalies will be as low as -1.1 degrees Celsius in January 2022. The forecast is that from there the anomaly will weaken to neutral values ​​for the period from March to May of next year.

Researcher Domínguez said that Mexico will benefit from the supply of dams between June and October, but also pointed out that it is important to maintain good water levels in case a drought like the one in early 2021 occurs. One of their recommendations to have better use of water is to implement technologies to capture rainwater that can be used for cleaning tasks.


Mexico Daily Post