Coordination with the armed forces is key to improving security in Quintana Roo


Among all the municipalities and the state police, there are approximately 5,800 agents

“In order to advance the public security strategy in the search for peace and state security, we project a joint and coordinated strategy with the table for the coordination of peace and security in Quintana Roo,” said the Secretary of Public Security of the state, Lucio Hernández Gutiérrez.

In an interview, the state official assured that they work under a close and cordial relationship with the National Guard, the Navy, the Secretariat of National Defense, the State Attorney General’s Office, and even with the National Institute of Migration and the delegation of Programs of the Welfare.

On a daily basis, he assured, they have meetings to analyze and follow up on the statistics of the crime incidence and the operations that they carry out in public spaces and thus see where the presence in deterrence is required, also in the intelligence tables they integrate products that in turn, They allow executing the corresponding operations to go for specific objectives.

“In other words, in addition to prevention and deterrence, we are attending to intelligence information to address the particular problem that is occurring in some specific points,” he said.

To strengthen police capacities throughout the geography of the state, they are giving continuity to the police management of coordinated actions (what was previously the sole command) with all municipalities; In this area, they are once again signing an agreement with the new local authorities, which took office last September.

Between all the municipalities and the state police, there are approximately 5,800 public security agents. The coordination between these has been reflected so far in the arrest of more than 860 members of organized crime groups, who have been prosecuted and at least 60% of them are in a state penitentiary, some have been transferred to federal centers for requiring special security measures.

Among the actions carried out in 2021, the inauguration of the C5 in Cancun stood out: “We were very pleased to inaugurate on June 23 this security complex that integrates the most advanced technologies, I dare to say from all of Latin America, which allows us the strengthening of one more instrument to be able to advance in the public security of the state ”.

The C5 integrates 2,213 security cameras distributed in all municipalities, particularly in those larger cities where crimes occur more frequently. It also includes all 911 and 089 communication systems, monitoring analysis, statistics and they have just certified with the support of the United States embassy the 207 protocols with which the control center operates.

Regarding the training of police elements, he recalled that until September 2018 Quintana Roo had only 27 percent progress in the single police certificate and eight of the 11 municipalities had 0 percent of certified police officers. Upon joining the police management as of January 2019, this training was extended and currently, there are municipalities that have up to 93 percent progress in the single police certificate and the one with the least is 67 percent.


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