Thinking of buying a car in Mexico; Mazda now offers at-home maintenance service


The Mazda car brand launches this service called Service At Home.

For some years, people’s consumption habits have been changing in a surprising way, and with the arrival of the pandemic, they reached an unprecedented level.

Before you had to wait for a taxi, go to a restaurant to pick up take-out or go to a store to do your shopping. Today, these and many other situations in which you need to buy a product or request a service without the need to leave home.

Obviously, this trend of doing tasks without the need to leave home was potentiated by the restrictions that arose with the appearance of the coronavirus. Thus, services that were not usually at home had to be.

Although sanitary regulations are no longer as strict, people have become accustomed to not leaving the house to do their errands.

Mazda offers on-site maintenance service
Mazda offers on-site maintenance service

One of the companies that have joined the trend of getting where the customer is is Mazda. With the aim of establishing itself as the brand that offers the best service in its workshops, the Japanese firm takes some of its maintenance tasks home.

Thus, through Service At Home, Mazda owners can avoid going to the dealer’s shop for maintenance.

Mazda offers on-site maintenance service
Mazda offers on-site maintenance service

It is enough to make the appointment and indicate the address where the vehicle will be so that a specialized unit can perform the tasks of checking battery levels, changing the oil, checking and calibrating the brakes, cleaning the air filter and rotating tires.

It is a fact that with the ease of having specialists come to your home to do the maintenance service, Mazda customers will be more satisfied, while at the same time it will establish itself as the car brand that best cares for consumers.

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