Puebla suspends operations of the Tourist Train


The state government stated that the project did not generate positive impacts on either the tourism sector or mobility between the city and Cholula, in addition to being unfeasible due to the high cost of its operation.

The state government will suspend the Puebla-Cholula Tourist Train because it did not generate any positive impact on the tourism sector or the mobility of citizens, in addition to the fact that the cost of its annual operation is 55 million 199 thousand 757 pesos.

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This was explained by the general director of Toll Roads of Puebla (CCP), Juan Carlos Moreno Valle Abdala, who explained that to achieve a financial balance, it would be necessary for 1 million 453 thousand 117 passengers to board each year, a figure that since the beginning operations in 2017, has not been achieved.

During his participation in the press videoconference chaired by the governor, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, the manager explained that the expenses that the state has for the train are the following: for operation concept 4 million 872 thousand pesos per month, and payment to Ferrosur 260,000 pesos.

In this sense, he indicated that this expense means that each passenger has a burden of 1,542 pesos for state finances.

Moreno Valle Abdala specified that this administration, through the Puebla Toll Highways, will analyze which alternatives are viable for the Tourist Train to operate again.

He specified that while this process is being carried out, the wagons will be cared for and protected by the government at the station in the capital of Puebla.

Confirman cierre de tren turístico Cholula-Puebla

Finally, he recalled that this project cost the people of Puebla 1,571 million pesos, a figure higher than the 1,000 million raised by the state administration that was in 2015.

Source: eleconomista.com.mx, tyt.com.mx

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