The Grinch in Puerto Vallarta this year No lights or Christmas decorations in downtown


Completely lackluster, as if it were a normal day or week on any day of the year. This is how the city center is; It does not seem that we are at Christmas time.

This week there were some reports to ask the reasons why there are no Christmas decorations in the downtown streets. In this sense, it can be seen that all the effort was applied to the Christmas village, which is where most of the ornaments are.

Unfortunately, in streets like Juárez, the decorations for the Day of the Dead still remain, which do not correspond to these dates.

Downtown Vallarta

In other administrations, since the beginning of December, you can already see the simple flag-like decorations that are placed on the poles from Avenida México, part of Paseo Díaz Ordaz y Morelos.

The municipal Presidency itself no longer wore the ornaments that were installed on the balconies of the building, now you only see several purple lamps that serve only for color but nothing to do with the festivities.

Downtown Vallarta

On the boardwalk, from Calle 31 de Octubre, you can see the lighting from the entrance to Paseo Díaz Ordaz, while the surroundings look dark and lifeless.


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