Baja California Sur will have two thousand new hotel rooms by 2023


The undersecretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability, Fernando Ojeda Aguilar, announced that at the moment a thousand new hotel rooms are being built in the main tourist destinations of Baja California Sur.

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He also confirmed that projections indicate that it is expected that by 2023 there will be two thousand new hotel rooms that will be inaugurated in the entity.

He stressed that at this time there are “coherent” conditions for investors to look back at Baja California Sur. He pointed out that, although there is uncertainty about the omicron variant, there is already experience to deal with the pandemic.


This is also reflected in the indicators of the Ministry of Tourism, which position Baja California Sur as the federal entity with the highest direct foreign investment in tourism activities in the country in the third quarter of the year.

In this context, he specified that they foresee that the number of new rooms will be even higher since there are projects that still cannot be made public due to the investment stages.

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“They are going to be very profitable, all mostly in the same range of hosting services, which also guarantees us an average rate,” he said.


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