National Guard confirms armed confrontation in Puerto Vallarta


The National Guard, through its spokesperson, made known about the events that occurred in El Ranchito, where personnel from that agency clashed with armed subjects. 

Regarding this situation, it was announced that at 12:25 p.m. where National Guard personnel, while carrying out land travel for the deterrence and prevention of crime, suffered aggression by armed civilians, this, on the dirt gap that leads to the town of El Ranchito. 

Confrontation of the GN against armed subjects in El Ranchito

It was noted in the report that the civilians were traveling aboard a Nissan Frontier vehicle, white double cab, without plates or serial number, which moments before had stolen a motorcycle. 

Upon noticing the presence of the National Guard, they performed a “U” maneuver, trying to flee, managing to hit one of the official vans. 

It was then that the attack occurred with shots from their weapons, repelling this attack meters later mentioned, the vehicle hit a tree and was rendered useless. 

After this, the support of the other federal agencies was requested, arriving at the place staff of SEMAR, SEDENA and the National Guard from both Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, in order to provide support by proceeding to make a tour of the surroundings. 

At the scene of the events, three men were arrested, one of them with a gunshot wound, who was given first aid, which was transferred in an ambulance to a hospital in this area. city, one more aggressor fled the place among the undergrowth disobeying the commands of voices “to stop” managed to flee. 

Confrontation of the GN against armed subjects in El Ranchito

The officers succeeded in securing long weapons of various types, magazines, cartridges, a vehicle and tactical equipment.

For this reason, the agent of the Federal Public Ministry was immediately informed to request command and conduction ordering that it proceed to its National registry of arrests, collection of evidence and transfer for its certificate of injuries to be made available to the detainees and insured equipment.

Confrontation of the GN against armed subjects in El Ranchito


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