Puerto Vallarta merchants oppose Chrismas kermes on the boardwalk


Merchants on Avenida México, in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood and Malecón II, are opposed to the Puerto Vallarta City Council placing, even temporarily, the positions that will be in the Villa Navideña on the boardwalk, being that this will be unfair competition.

As part of the December festivities, the City Council will invest 3 million 600 thousand pesos in the installation of the Christmas Village, cable car, tree, carousel, little train and ice rink on the Malecón; however, there will be wooden houses, which will finally be commercial stands, selling handicrafts, sweets and snacks.

This caused the anger of the merchants on Avenida México, the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood and the Malecón II, who came to speak this Thursday with the director of municipal tourism, José Ludvig Estrada Virgen, to give them an explanation of said houses. , since this will represent unfair competition, since they are paying taxes and basic services.


They even stated that these houses give a bad image to the destination, so they spoke to Padrón and Licenses as well as to Culture , to verify that if these houses had a sales permit and they said no.

So they do not agree that they are in the Villa and take away the tourism that is coming to the city:

“We do well that we comply with the health protocols and not that we are still in a pandemic and the City Council does not respect this issue.”

That is why they will be waiting for a favorable response from the authorities, including Luis Michel Rodríguez himself, municipal president, to remove these stands; otherwise, traders will take other actions, although they did not specify which ones.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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