Baja Highway violent assaults affecting tourism

TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, 26FEBRERO2020.- Un elemento de la Fiscalía General del Estado fue ejecutado durante la noche del miércoles en la calle Carlos V de la colonia Colinas de Cortez, en la delegación Sánchez Taboada. Al lugar acudieron paramédicos de la Cruz Roja para brindarle los primeros auxilios , mismos lo que lo declararon sin vida. De acuerdo a información extraoficial, el agente fue atacado por dos sujetos que posteriormente se dieron a la fuga, en el lugar se localizaron al menos 9 casquillos percutidos de arma de fuego. No hubo reporte de personas detenidas. FOTO: OMAR MARTÍNEZ/ CUARTOSCURO.COM

Perception of insecurity on federal highways inhibits tourism

Rosarito, December 9, 2021.- A new wave of assaults is being experienced in the southern area of ​​Rosarito, right on the border with Ensenada and it seems that after it became known on social networks, those assaults were taking place against drivers traveling on the scenic highway, the assailants have moved.

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In the beginning, it was announced that near Baja Malibu, in the direction of Tijuana, some assaults were being perpetrated, thanks to which, police surveillance in the area was intensified, however now these are registered in the southern area of ​​the highway, apparently due to the low traffic flow.

A citizen’s complaint arrived at the editorial office, who preferred to remain anonymous; notes that while driving along the scenic highway from south to north at approximately 6:30 in the afternoon, he observed some individuals throwing stones at the road. Although he dodged some, one managed to damage his tire to the point of causing it to burst, at the same time he was able to identify a vehicle that was following him, for this reason, beyond stopping, he accelerated the march.

“I looked at stones first, I changed lane to the left and when I changed lane I looked at a car with turn signals and I thought, the same thing happened to him, he struck out or something, go ahead and I see a person throwing a giant rock that half in front of me and I reach to step on her, as soon as I step on her, the car behind removes the turn signals and lets go behind me with the high beams so I start stepping on her because I see that that was not normal, I see that a person comes out half a body out of the car and I said, don’t go get a gun ”

He points out that, after minutes of accelerating his flat-out vehicle, he called 072 to report the incident, but the line was not working, so he accelerated until he reached a gas station.

“I remembered that there was a gas station in La Misión and I hit it up there, fortunately I lost them, but I gave a lot to the car, a lot,” said the affected person.

He shared that when he uploaded his story to social networks, acquaintances pointed out that the same thing happened, but on the free road leaving the Valle de Guadalupe.

Despite the strengthening of vigilance on the roads of CAPUFE, the perception of insecurity remains in many resident and foreign motorists.

This, after the reports of robberies and robberies on the toll road, which have been disseminated on social networks and where the victims are mainly tourists.

According to the President of the Business Coordinating Council Rafael Croshtwaite Reyes, the complaints caused concern in travelers who arrive by road to the coastal corridor, especially due to the way in which criminals are operating, blocking roads in lonely sections, taking advantage of the lack of police presence.

He considered that these events represent a threat to the image of Rosarito and the tourism that comes throughout the coastal corridor to the south of the state.

Personally, he has had to take preventive measures in the face of these events, such as not traveling at night or at dawn when he returns from places located to the south of the state.

Despite the fact that the authorities announced an operation to strengthen road safety, he considered that the perception will be maintained as long as the crime incidence on the roads does not decrease and the travelers regain confidence in the police authorities.

He added that the participation of Federal Roads and Bridges (CAPUFE), which is the agency responsible for safety on the toll road, is important for the insurance that motorists pay when traveling on it.

He also said that the work of the Municipal Syndicate as responsible for sanctioning municipal agents who incur in police extortion is important, since they are also being pointed out to maintain these practices at the end of the year.


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