Police capture five people accused of kidnapping in Playa del Carmen


The five detainees were turned over to the ministerial authority.

Elements of the Municipal Police of Solidarity, arrested in the Villas del Sol subdivision of Playa del Carmen, five alleged kidnappers, from whom a firearm and 44 doses of various narcotics were seized.

The detainees are three men and two women, who are accused of having deprived of liberty and beaten a person, until he managed to escape and ask for help from the police.

In an information card, the capture, in the Villas del Sol subdivision, of 27-year-old Mateo “N”, 34-year-old Marco “N”, 19-year-old Pablo “N”, Paulina “ N ”is 24 years old and Yesi“ N ”is 41 years old.

After pointing out and seizing the weapon, the five detainees were turned over to the ministerial authority .

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