Expats duped by fake smog stickers risk jail time and car impounded


Today I was able to save a lady from going to jail and having her car impounded. What was her crime? Not wanting to take her car to Guadalajara for a smog check and sticker.

She entrusted someone locally in the Chapala area and the car never went to Guadalajara for the smog check. She was sold a fake sticker. Falsification of official documents is a crime punishable under the Jalisco state Penal Code by a 2-6 year prison sentence and impounding of the vehicle. The mere display of the sticker is a crime.

How do you know if you have a fake sticker? If you did not have your car taken to Guadalajara then you probably have a fake sticker (the closest inspection stations to Chapala are in Guadalajara and Ocotlan).

Also, many fake stickers and paperwork have a date of July 2021, the program started in August so it is impossible to have stickers with a July date on them.

How can you verify if your sticker is fake? If you are not sure if your car was actually taken to Guadalajara for testing and you have a date of August or after, you can verify the payment receipt for the smog test and if still unsure and you still suspect, you can try to request a reprint online of the documents at: https://emisiones.jalisco.gob.mx:4443/tramites/…

If you do have a fake sticker then remove it immediately as right now there are no penalties for no sticker at this time but a fake one subjects you to arrest, jail, and having your car impounded.


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