Mexico, among the 10 countries with the worst job competitiveness and with the highest risk of ‘brain drain’


Switzerland repeated for the fifth consecutive year in the first place of the labor competitiveness index prepared by the IMD business school, in which the top ten classified were countries of northern and central Europe, while Mexico was located in position 59, among the last positions in the ranking.

The World Talent Ranking index, produced annually by the aforementioned Lausanne school, measures the capacities of 64 economies to attract talent from other countries, taking into account various factors ranging from education to quality of life, investment in technology and taxes, among many others.

Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany complete, in this order, the top ten of the table, where Hong Kong, in eleventh position, was the first ranked non-European economy, and the United States, in fourteenth place, he was the best classified in America.

The Latin American economies studied reappear in extremely low positions: Venezuela falls four places and occupies the last position, while Peru falls 11 to be third to last, Chile is in position 48; Argentina, at 54 and Colombia, at 55. Mexico ranks 59th this year , falling three positions with respect to the index prepared in 2020.

The pandemicIMD analyzes, has contributed to workers being less motivated than before when it comes to going to non-competitive countries, and thus emerging powers such as India or Brazil are in the last positions (positions 56 and 60, respectively).

This year, the falls in the ranking of highly developed countries such as Canada (from eighth to fifteenth place) or Australia (from 13 to 20) stand out.

China has risen four places and thus has overtaken Japan, although both Asian powers are in the lower half (36th and 39th, respectively).

” Mobility problems have reduced ‘ brain drain ‘ since 2020, while in talent-rich countries there has been an increase in motivation,” said Arturo Bris, director of IMD’s Center for Global Competitiveness, which produces this ranking.

The index highlights the other hand, the growing labor attraction of countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia and Romania, which have risen in all cases more than ten in the last five years


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