Gunmen on jetskis open fire at Cancun beach


Beachgoers in Cancun had to literally run for their lives after a five-man squad of cartel gunmen dressed in army clothes began firing guns at the hotel’s beach.

According to Hernández Gutiérrez, the Quintana Roo chief of police said the gunmen rode jetskis onto the beach and began shooting guns in the air, presumably to scare the tourists away.

After driving away from the resort-goers, the men ditched their jet skis, changed their clothes, and fled the area.

The jetskis used by the gunmen have been recovered and seized. There were no apparent injuries from the show of force, which took place at the Oasis Palm hotel.

The resort, which is billed as “100% family-friendly,” offers rooms for between $380 to just under $680 a night.

A witness told local news outlet Mileno that he heard from other visitors that the gunmen were “dressed as the military”.

A family from Utah claimed they saw the men fire around 20 shots into the air when they arrived on the beach.

KUTV spoke to witnesses who heard the gunfire from their rooms at the hotel.

“I ran to the balcony to tell them to get down and get to a corridor and get cover. There was panic at the resort, people running and yelling,” Zayne Jones, a witness, said. “Luckily nobody got hurt, but it could have gone a different way,’ he said. ‘Just not a good feeling having your kids out here.”

Sources: KUTV / YouTube / La Razon

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