Border Patrol reunites child with mom, the kid was abandoned on the US-Mexico border


CIUDAD ACUÑA, TAMULIPAS.- A missing child was found after being brought into the U.S. by his mother and then abandoned, border officials said in a news release.

The child was found by agents assigned to the Del Rio sector in Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in the Dec. 6 release.

The Guatemalan Consulate reached out to agents in Del Rio about a missing child on Nov. 30, passing along with a picture of the child and their possible name, the release said. Agents soon realized the child in question had previously been found with a group of 13 migrants a week before on Nov. 23, but he had been carrying a document with a fake name and date of birth at that time, agents said.


The child and his mother had both entered the U.S. through Del Rio. However, the mother eventually abandoned the child near a riverbank and went back to Tamaulipas, Mexico, the release said.

Agents worked with Guatemalan Consulate officials to reunite the child with his mother, the release said.

The Del Rio Sector encountered 804 unaccompanied children in the month of October, a 98% increase from October 2020, the release said.

In a Dec. 7 release, officials said that border agents from the Del Rio sector encountered 3,541 migrants from 39 different countries from Dec. 3-5.

Source: El Vigia

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