From January 1 to October 31, 2021, a total of 2,037 minors have been violently murdered in Mexico


From January 1 to October 31, 2021, 2,037 homicides of people between 0 and 17 years old were committed in Mexico, while during that same period of 2020 there were only 1,973, reported this Tuesday, December 7th, the Network for the Rights of the Child in Mexico ( Redim).

During the presentation of the study on children recruited in Mexico, “Recruitment and use of girls, boys and adolescents by criminal groups. Analysis from public policies and legislation”, the Network also indicated that regarding disappearances, at least 4,328 people 0 to 17 years old have been registered as missing from January 1 to December 7, 2021.

Of these, 2,785 were women (64.4%), of which 1,570 were still missing to date. This is in contrast to the 1,347 people from 0 to 17 years of age who disappeared in the same months of 2020 who remain missing to date.

Given these figures, Redim demanded that the Mexican State “recognize and criminalize the recruitment of children and adolescents in Mexico”, as one of the most serious forms of violence that can be committed against children and adolescents in the country, by directly affecting their human rights.

And he pointed out that this “can and should be prevented” through the commitment of the authorities to apply specific mechanisms of public policy and legislation.

“Girls, boys, and adolescents recruited are primarily victims, recognizing this character of victims in recruitment does not exclude criminal responsibility or other forms of accountability, but it does help promote a logic of restitution of rights in disengagement, physical, psychological and reintegration recovery, “said Tania Ramírez, director of the Network.

Source: MSN Mexico

Mexico Daily Post