Mexican officials confirmed plans for a 400km high-speed train between Monterrey and San Antonio


Mexican officials confirmed plans for a 400km high-speed train between Nuevo León state capital Monterrey and San Antonio in Texas. 

The idea emerged in the 1990s already, when the US, Mexico, and Canada signed the first trade agreement. 

Nuevo León’s mobility minister Hernán Villarreal told broadcaster Info 7 that an agreement has already been signed. The next step is a feasibility study for Mexico’s part by infrastructure, communications and transportation ministry SICT.

BNamericas reported previously that railway regulator ARTF requested 60mn pesos (US$2.8mn) from the SHCP to start pre-investment studies for a 264km passenger rail line between Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo, in Tamaulipas. 

That stretch would represent Mexico’s part of the train.

According to SHCP’s request, the link would enable improved connection with urban Monterrey and the US, using existing rights-of-way for line B, also concessioned to KCSM. The rail line already handles cargo. 

It would also alleviate traffic and security issues along the Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey highway, where drug cartels have established operations. 

Studies should start in January and be completed by December 2022. ARTF head David Camacho Alcocer told US daily My San Antonio in September that the studies would cost US$2mn. 

“We need to prove that train service between the two cities can be a success,” he reportedly said. 

The Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey train is part of the eight studies ARTF has in its portfolio.

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