Puebla: a travel destination with its own superstar status (VIDEO)


About a two-hour drive from Mexico City, Puebla is a stunningly beautiful town that will completely surprise you. It’s often considered as a day trip while visiting Mexico City, but we think it’s high time Puebla actually got its own superstar status.

If you love to visit historical churches, you’re in luck! There are 365 of them in Puebla, one for every day of the year.

The Church of Santo Domingo is probably the most famous of all of the baroque-style cathedrals, so visit that one first. Talavera pottery is also a mainstay in Puebla—you can find the tiles on buildings all over the city (and yes, even in Starbucks).

For anyone with a sweet tooth, check out Calle de Los Dulces.

All along this block are small, locally-owned candy shops that sell yummy treats including candied citrus rinds, camotes (cigar-shaped coconut rolls) and lots of other colorful bites.

After you’ve stuffed your face with candy, splurge on a spectacular hotel, and stay at the Rosewood Puebla.

Source: YouTube

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