Mexico City’s Circuito Interior wall covering falls on top of moving vehicles


In Mexico City’s Circuito Interior, one of the main highways within the metropolitan area of Mexico City, a part of the bridge covering collapsed, causing damage to at least two vehicles. Fortunately, no injured persons were registered.

The events occurred on the Circuito Interior near the intersection with the Calzada México-Tacuba, in the direction of Chapultepec.

Members of the Fire Department moved to the site, who worked to remove the fragments of collapsed coating on the side lanes of the road, as well as Civil Protection personnel.

The area was secured by agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City.

Through his Twitter account, the user identified as @Roscomacitas indicated that the stones of the coating fell on his vehicle and two other cars.

Source: Excelsior

The Mexico City Post