Two African-American women arrested at Cancun airport for bringing in handguns


The foreigners came from Houston, Texas, and when they passed their suitcases through the X-ray machines, they were found two 9-millimeter caliber pistols.

National Guard personnel, stationed at the Cancun International Airport, detained two African-American foreigners who came from the United States, for the crime of violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives for the exclusive use of the armed forces, since They were trying to bring two pistols into the country without having declared them.

In fact, the two women were already linked to the process by a control judge this morning, since the arrest was last Saturday morning.

The first police reports indicated that the foreigners came from a flight from Houston, Texas, United States, to spend a vacation.

In one of the filters, they had to pass their luggage through the X-ray machine, where the elements of the National Guard observed irregularities.

They inspected their suitcases and found their firearms

The police elements proceeded to inspect their suitcases and told them to open them and remove everything they brought, it was at that moment that they detected that among the garments they carried two firearms, caliber 9 millimeters, with chargers supplied with the same caliber. .

The officers notified the two foreigners that bringing firearms into the country is a crime that is punishable by jail, and after reading their rights they were detained and placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

An investigation folder was initiated and they were referred to a control judge, who yesterday issued an order to link them to the process for carrying a firearm.


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