All You Need to Know about Hemp Farming in Mexico


Nowadays, you can find various CBD products in Mexico, which anybody can access in their daily lives, such as CBD creams, oils, gummies, and more. In Mexico, all CBD products must have less than 1% THC cannabis. The products need to pass the test to determine the amount of THC cannabis they contain, similar to the one conducted in the Dry Weight Potency (USDA) hemp testing process. In this article, you can learn all you need to know about hemp farming in Mexico.

  1. Is Hemp Legal in Mexico?

As of March 2021, hemp is in the process of full legalization in Mexico, and once the bills for cannabis legalization pass into laws, this country will become one of the few countries that legalize the use of cannabis for medical, industrial, and recreational purposes. With cannabis legalization in Mexico, regular people can access the CBD products produced and distributed by various companies in Mexico and use these products in their daily lives. 

There are various debates and divisive stances within the Mexican government about cannabis legalization. However, this legalization has a high chance of becoming official, given that Mexico’s Supreme Court mandated it in 2018.

  1. Mexico’s Goals for Hemp Legalization

The Supreme Court of Mexico mandated cannabis legalization in 2018 because of various litigations around cannabis, which violated the rights of many Mexicans. As of 2021, there are two countries in the world that have legalized cannabis production and consumption, which are Canada and Uruguay. Mexico will become the third country in the world to legalize the use and production of cannabis if the cannabis legalization law passes.

There are various goals the Mexican government is trying to achieve with the cannabis legalization, which are:

  • reduction of prison population in Mexico,
  • economic benefits from cannabis production and use,
  • fewer violence cases in the country,
  • re-prioritization of law enforcement tasks and reduction of law enforcement abuses,
  • more civil liberties,
  • and increasing the potential for poor people in the country to generate legal income from cannabis.

There are other benefits that the Mexican government will get from cannabis legalization in the country, which can affect various living aspects of the Mexican population.

  1. Types of Popular Hemp or CBD Products in Mexico

Today, you can find various CBD products in Mexico, as the government has been green-lighting around 38 CBD products since 2018. Many CBD products you can find in Mexico are medicinal cannabis products marketed to help treat certain health conditions. However, there are also many products that Mexicans can use as recreational products. As the demand keeps on rising for these products, there will be many more CBD products you can find in the coming years. Here are some types of popular hemp products in Mexico:

  • CBD Lip Balm. You can use this product as a lip balm, which contains sweet almond oil, vitamin C, 125mg of CBD, and beeswax.
  • CBD Gummies. This product offers you tasty and natural gummies you can take with you anywhere. It contains around 10mg of CBD in each gummy, and it has various flavors you can try.
  • CBD Cream. You can use this product for skin treatment, as it can help you nourish and moisturize your skin. It contains around 250mg of CBD for each ounce of this cream.
  • CBD Bath Bomb Duo. It’s the bath bomb product that allows you to bring the spa-like experience at home, with its relaxing aromatic smell of peppermint and lemon tree oil. 

There are various other CBD products being sold in Mexico, which anyone can access in their daily lives, such as organic CBD tincture, CBD capsules, RH oil, hot balm, and others. 

  1. Important Points about Hemp Farming in Mexico

Hemp cultivation and production in Mexico is not yet legal as of today, but the bills are getting passed to legalize hemp cultivation and production in the country. However, since 2017, the 1% THC cannabis production has been legal, as evidenced by various CBD products you can find today. These include the CBD products both for topical application, consumption, and many other uses.

There are some important points about hemp farming in Mexico you should know, which are:

  • Mexicans can only use CBD products from their country, not from outside Mexico.
  • The chance for Mexico to legalize hemp and cannabis cultivation and production is very high, despite the disagreements from some parties.
  • Mexicans are free to use various CBD products in their daily lives.


You’ve learned all the important information about hemp farming in Mexico. This country might legalize hemp farming in full after the laws about hemp legalization have passed. It’s only a matter of time before hemp farming becomes legal in Mexico.

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