USD-Peso Exchange Rate November 30th


The peso-dollar exchange rate took a break on Tuesday, November 30, against the US currency.

Mexico.- A respite felt this Tuesday, November 30, when in the middle of a fortnight, he managed to recover a little of what he lost against the dollar; the exchange rate takes a turn and recovers from the collapse that it has been registering for a few days. 

The Bank of Mexico published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the exchange rate to settle obligations denominated in foreign currency payable in the Mexican Republic for this day, which is $ 21.7333 MN lower than the $ 21.8185 MN of the previous day.

Buying or selling dollars in banks and other financial entities will represent you paying an average of 21.5612; this day they buy the dollar at 21.2438, they sell it at 21.8787 pesos; in the week it loses -0.35%, in the month it gains 5.48%; in the quarter 5.19% and so far this year, it gains 8.56%.

So if you are going to buy or sell dollars, you will make some other transaction under this denomination, or you prepare to change your pesos to go to the United States for a walk, shopping, or for medical reasons, check where they offer you a better price and Go to whoever suits you best. If you want to know which bank or finance company gives you more or fewer pesos per dollar, check the following table:

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