AMLO announces mega-investment of 3 billion pesos for rural roads in Oaxaca


In San Jerónimo Taviche, during the inauguration of the 11.5 km hydraulic concrete road, AMLO reported that the federal government will invest 3.5 billion pesos next year to continue the program.

In this regard, AMLO pointed out that “… we made a commitment that when the government that I lead ends, there will not be a municipal seat without a road like this.”

This is the second point of his tour of Oaxaca.

At the site, the president indicated that the construction of the remaining 200 roads, which means more than three thousand kilometers, will continue.

This is, he said,  the equivalent of the distance between Acapulco and Tijuana.

Uses and Custom

In addition, he was accompanied at the event by the municipal presidents of San Jerónimo Taviche, Santos Martínez Hernández, and of San Pedro Taviche, Macedonio Días Palma.

For his part, AMLO thanked the communities for the execution of this work that belongs to the two demarcations governed by the system of uses and customs.

“It is a tribute to the women, to the men of San Jerónimo Taviche and San Pedro, because they made their way,” he said.

He also asserted that it is a demonstration that you can govern with the people, that the people can be the government, because that is democracy.

Then he reported that next year’s budget for social programs is guaranteed.

In this regard, AMLO  assured that the amount authorized in health matters increases by around 50 billion pesos.

Along with the above, he said that the federal government continues to work to guarantee medicines even in the most remote medical unit.


AMLO said that “I have just announced an agreement, it is not even a decree, it is not even a bill.”

– “And do you know why I got that agreement?” Asked AMLO.

And the answer:  “So that the procedures within the government itself do not take so long and that together we continue to push the elephant.”


At the event was the Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), Jorge Arganis Días Leal.

The same person who reported that with the construction of the hydraulic concrete road to San Jerónimo Taviche, 271 direct jobs and 407 indirect jobs were generated, reported to AMLO.

In addition, 1,750 inhabitants benefit from the reduction of travel time from 40 to 15 minutes with a total investment of 49.45 million pesos.


He even said that during  2019 and 2020 the communities completed 60 roads and in 2021 the goal is to finish 32, of which 15 are finished.

On the other hand, he assured that  117 more roads will be built by 2022-2023.


Along with them was present the director of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), Adelfo Regino.

The same that reported that in 136 municipalities and indigenous communities of Oaxaca they build concrete roads.

Then he said that in order to achieve the goal, 11 regional assemblies will begin in December to evaluate progress and define the 2022-2023 work plan.

He assured that this time, priority will be given to long roads or those that present greater difficulty, he told AMLO.

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