19 dead after bus collides with house in Joquicingo, state of Mexico


The collision of a bus that lost its brakes and crashed into a house left 19 people dead, in addition to 30 injured passengers. The accident occurred on the Joquicingo-Malinalco highway, in the state of Mexico local authorities preliminary informed.

The travelers departed out of the state of Michoacán on their way to the Chalma Sanctuary. They rented the bus to get them to this popular Mexican religious center.

Until 11:00 AM on Friday, November 26, at least 19 people without life were found in the site of the accident.

Alfredo del Mazo, governor of the State of Mexico, said in a message on social networks that the place of the accident was the municipality of Joquicingo and that the causes of the accident were being investigated. 

The Government of the State of Mexico announced that it will “take charge” of the funeral and hospital expenses of the accident.

The Undersecretary General of the Government of the State of Mexico, Ricardo de la Cruz, reported that more than 20 injured have been transferred to hospitals in the area by land and air.

The Red Cross reported that after the crash it mobilized paramedical personnel and 10 ambulances to the area.

Mexico State borders Mexico City on three sides, and includes both remote rural villages and crowded suburbs of the capital.

Chalma was a site sacred in pre-Hispanic times before the 1521 conquest. After the Spanish came, believers say, a cross miraculously appeared in a cave that had been dedicated to an Aztec god, making Chalma a Christian pilgrimage site.

On November 9, 12 people were killed and three injured in a car accident that occurred on a highway near Palenque, in Chiapas, where two vans loaded with passengers collided head-on. And on November 6, 19 people died in an accident in the state of Puebla, after a truck lost control and caught fire. 

Source: Informador

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