Black Friday from Mexico?


Black Friday 2021 is here. Originally, Black Friday was a colloquial term that was generated in the United States to refer to the Friday that follows the celebration of Thanksgiving in that country, being that a date in which many stores offer special offers and discounts, taking advantage of the holiday spirit of the families, as well as being an ideal prelude to Christmas shopping.

However, with globalization, now that day is not only known in the United States but in other parts of the world including Mexico, where – although the El Buen Fin was created, a season of discounts inspired by Black Friday – Mexicoalso “honors” Black Friday with some websites offering special discounts. 

Here we tell you everything you need to know about Black Friday this 2021 and which stores you can check to see their offers.

When is Black Friday 2021? 

The Black Friday 2021 will be held this November 26, being the closest to Friday Thanksgiving. Depending on the stores, the sales can last only that day or can start from the afternoon of Thanksgiving or end on Sunday, lasting the whole weekend. 

What stores participate in Black Friday 2021? 

Some online stores have already confirmed that they will have Black Friday deals . Among them are MercadoLibre, Linio and Amazon México . Others such as Walmart, Office Depot and Office Max have also confirmed their participation. Some brands such as HP and those of the Inditex group have also announced discounts. 

We recommend going to some of your favorite stores and checking if they have Black Friday offers , since – unlike Good End – there is no directory where you can find all the offers. With the success it has had, many stores take the opportunity to get more offers. 

black friday discount ad woman carrying bag
The Black Friday discounts have already started to be announced. Europa Press News

What are the best Black Friday 2021 deals?

In general, we will have to be aware to see the best discounts, however, we can follow the Good End guide . Due to the season, we will most likely see discounts on technology and electronics, those being the best options to buy, as well as video games, and some consoles (although many have not dropped in price). 

Home appliances can also be an ideal option for Black Friday 2021 in case you are planning your Christmas shopping early, so if you were looking for a new phone, a screen, or even a laptop, this may be the ideal time, just remember compare prices before deciding on a purchase. 

Alerts for Black Friday 2021

Some reports indicate that Black Friday prices in recent years have not been considerable discounts and that products are worth the same as what they are worth months before the discount seasons arrive. So it is important to compare prices and check if the offers really reduce the original price of the product. 

Online there are some tools such as price history, in which you can review the price history of some products (in dollars), which can give you an idea if you are really facing an offer that is difficult to reject or facing a scam. Use this site or another similar app to review the history of a product. 

Of course, we also recommend staying with reliable stores that you know, as there are some sites that take advantage of the date to carry out other types of scams. Avoid buying from unfamiliar Facebook ads and always take care of your personal information. 

Source: GQ Mexico

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