Norteño music band under fire in Chimalhuacan, State of Mexico two musicians wounded (VIDEO)


Gerardo Díaz and his Gerarquía had to suspend the presentation Sunday night in the municipality of Chimalhuacán due to several detonations of a firearm that were registered in the place resulting in two members of the musical band injured.

Before about a thousand people, the Mexican regional singer offered a concert inside the Chimalhuacán Fairgrounds, located in the Santa María Nativitas neighborhood, in the State of Mexico.

However, during the second issue, armed subjects used weapons and allegedly shot into the air in the vicinity of the compound.

The events were recorded in a video shared by some of his fans through social networks.

In the recording, you can hear the moment when at least ten shots are recorded, apparently of heavy caliber, after the band began with its presentation.

Source: Milenio

Mexico Daily Post