Cenote Azul Miguel Colorado a surreal place in Champotón, Campeche (VIDEO)


The beauty and magnitude of the cenotes of the Miguel Colorado route in Campeche are such that, when you are swimming in the immensity of its waters, for the first time you will ask that the earth swallow you.

Dare to know this natural wonder of Campeche. We tell you everything you need to know before traveling here.

How to get to Miguel Colorado
Miguel Colorado is a small town located 70 km south of Champotón and 150 km from the state capital. From Champotón, you must take highway 261 heading south. Then, take the detour to the town, you will have to travel another 10 km.

From the town, it is another 3 km towards the cenote area. If you are not traveling by car, you can take a bus from Champotón and, once in Miguel Colorado, you will have no problem finding someone to take you to the cenotes.

Cenote Azul
It is the first on the route, 250 meters in diameter and surrounded by hills, which you have to climb through a path. Once there, a zip line, a kayaking adventure and the freshness of the cenote waters await you.

Cenote de los Patos
They call it that because, in fact, it is home to many ducks, such as the Pijiji (duck), native to this region. What I do know is that I don’t know anything here, you can only see it from afar since there are some African honeycombs on the walls of this cenote. It’s still a show!

Cenote K41
The curious name of this cenote is explained by the simple fact that it is located at kilometer 41 of the train tracks. Without a doubt, this cenote is the most impressive of all, as it has about 115 meters of vertical shot and is located in practically virgin terrain.

Always hire a guide
It is recommended to hire guides in Miguel Colorado to do the route of the cenotes since there are places in the middle of pure nature, with little infrastructure and hidden from the rest of the world.



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