Why is there no Vice President in Mexico?


The position of vice president does not exist in Mexico, because it was eliminated after being defined as “fatal.” Here we tell you why the position was canceled.

The position of vice president does not exist as such in Mexico, since throughout the history of the country this position has not been so famous, compared to other countries, but quite the opposite, so much so that it was described as “dismal.”

And it is that, although the figure of the vice president of Mexico was created with the promulgation of the Constitution of 1824, the position was dissolved years later, because this position always ends up confronting the head of the Executive, or disappeared with the entry into force of new laws.

What role did the vice president have?

The main function of the vice president is to be the alternate in case the president is absent. However, taking this into account, in the past many took advantage of this rule to seek to be the national leader, since they would not settle for second place.

Vice Presidency in Mexico

In 1824, it was ruled that the winner of the elections would be the national leader, while the one who came second would have the position of vice president. This, regardless of ideologies.

The first vice president was Nicolás Bravo, who served from 1824 to 1827. After trying to remove Guadalupe Victoria from power, he was exiled.

When Vicente Guerrero ruled, Vice President Anastasio Bustamante took up arms against him and won. The history of affecting the governments, in turn, was repeated for several years, until the Seven Laws were enacted, which put an end to the figure of the vice president.

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However, this position would not take long to appear again when the Organic Bases of the Mexican Republic were promulgated, which gave a dictatorial power and already granted re-election for life with the new constitution. After a few years, the position disappeared again.

The reestablishment of the post was again involved in confrontations, and it was not until 1904 when the first vice president was elected by popular vote, Ramón Corral sustained the position.

In 1911, the last vice president of Mexico, José María Pino Suárez, was elected, while Francisco I. Madero was elected as president. They did not take long to say goodbye to their positions, since in 1913 they were assassinated after a coup.

Vice-president position is abolished

With the arrival of Venustiano Carranza to power and the subsequent promulgation of the Constitution of 1917, the post of vice president was permanently abolished.

“It had such a disastrous history that instead of ensuring the presidential succession in a peaceful way in unexpected cases, it did nothing but weaken the government of the Republic,” Carranza said at the time.

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