Chapala Jalisco Pride March Today Nov 20th


Today marks 120 YEARS of the RAID OF THE 41, that event in the early morning of November 18, 1901, hidden and forgotten that brought homosexuality out of the public life of Mexico along with homophobia.

That night 42 homosexuals who performed their annual dance, half dressed as men and the other half dressed as women, from those clandestine meetings held in the then Calle de la Paz in CdMex, were arrested, tortured, and imprisoned for expressing their sexual orientation.

The fact was hidden by the system, when it was placed at number 41, because Ignacio de la Torre y Mier, then the son-in-law of Porfirio Díaz, was removed from the list, who would marry and was forced to do so with his daughter Amada Diaz.

120 years later homophobia continues, crimes and acts hidden by the system, we will not rest, we will continue fighting until people have the same rights, discrimination, inequality, and diversiphobia are eliminated.

May be an image of text that says '1901 2021 CHAPALA 120 AÑOS El Baile de los 41'

-Reason why #ChapalaPride takes place around November 18 each year, in commemoration of this very event of ours.

Nov 20 2021: Chapala Pride

Chapala Pride will have a diversity festival from the 13 to 19 of November culminating in a celebration on Nov 20 starting at 4 pm at the Fuente de Los Pescadores (Malecón)

More information is available at the Chapala Pride facebook page or Chapala Pride Instagram

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