Colt selling Narco inspired handguns


The US sells, Mexico dies: how the arms business is benefiting organized crime

The United States arms company sells pistols inspired by Mexican drug trafficking, such as those found by criminal groups.

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The Colt arms company in the United States is selling pistols inspired by Mexican drug narcos. Yes, in the photos that circulate on social networks you can see how the designs of the squads are sooo similar to those that have been found in different criminals and criminal groups in our country.

A pistol dedicated to Emiliano Zapata is the coveted object of desire for the drug cartels. It is an example of how US arms companies produce thinking about doing business in drug trafficking. “They are developing different models for drug trafficking. They are made for that, for them to buy.

US company sells drug-inspired pistols

Apology to organized crime where?: The United States company Colt, which sells firearms, is now in the midst of controversy after images of some of the pistols they sell began to circulate on social networks.


Why? Well, in the photos you can see that some of the squads they sell have somewhat particular designs, quite similar to those that have pistols used by Mexican drug traffickers, such as those shown in the museum of the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA).

And they are not discreet at all, since the weapons sold by the Colt company have names like “El Jefe”, “El Grito” and even “Emiliano Zapata 1911”.

Ministry of Foreign Relations denounces the sale of these weapons

Obviously, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) demanded the sale of these pistols inspired by Mexican drug trafficking, taking advantage of the fact that they recently denounced United States companies that are dedicated to the sale of weapons and that end up in the hands of organized crime in Mexico.


It was through its social networks that the federal agency denounced that there are at least three models of Colt pistols that are directed to the market in Mexico: the super “El Jefe”, “El Grito” and the “Emiliano Zapata 1911”. They even explained that these weapons are status symbols for criminals and that they arrive in large quantities “thanks to illegal practices of the defendant companies

“Weapons made by US companies flood crime scenes throughout Mexico. Their illicit and excessive trafficking directly affects the safety of Mexican families, “wrote the secretariat headed by Marcelo Ebrard in his Twitter post.

“For whom is this Colt brand automatic pistol designed and advertised? Put another way, what is the target market for this company? “, Pablo Monroy Conesa, Deputy Legal Consultant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also pointed out in a publication.

Finally, let us remember that in August 2021, Secretary Marcelo Ebrard announced that they filed a lawsuit against 11 United States companies for facilitating illegal arms trafficking to our country. Yes, this complaint was filed in federal court in Boston, Massachusetts, with the main objective of stopping the flow of weapons that are often used by organized crime.


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