Video: Huge tiger spotted in Jalisco! Could it be the one that was around Culiacán, Sinaloa?


Is it possible that a tiger can travel such a distance? The fact is that not only in Sinaloa there is a loose feline, also in Jalisco

For just over a week the alert for the roars of what looks like a tiger or a lion grew up in Culiacán, Sinaloa; This situation keeps the population on alert that does not believe that a feline of this species can roam near the houses. 

The reports were given by inhabitants of the El Barrio and La Divisa sector, very close to the hill, who notified the 911 emergency number and the Culiacán Zoo that at night a “lion” or feline roams that goes down to the houses and eats farm animals. 

Since then, the search tours began but without positive results; again at the weekend the population showed their despair as a louder and closer roar was given, and they indicated that everything showed that they had attacked another animal, apparently a dog. 

But so far there is no information or trace that leads to finding the feline, except for a video that was captured in Jalisco, where motorists managed to capture it on the Juanacatlán-Tapalpa highway.

In the videos, the Bengal tiger is observed alone and near a metal fence that gives access to a farm. The animal is observed calm at all times, despite the presence of people who did not stop recording it, there were even those who waited their turn to see the feline and capture the moment. 

The distance in a straight line between Culiacán, Sinaloa and Guadalajara, Jalisco, is 622.39 km, but the distance en route is 699 kilometers. By vehicle, the journey would take 7 hours 56 minutes, but for a feline like a tiger, would it be possible to do it in less than three days?

The tiger holds the record for the fastest land animal, with registered marks of 115 km / h. But at such speed it only travels short distances, of about 500 meters, the further it travels its average speed drops to 98-108 km / h. 

This would indicate that this feline could not be the one heard in Sinaloa; In fact, it is not ruled out that the one sighted in Jalisco was someone’s pet since it is observed in very good condition, weight, size and as it was shown to the witnesses it was not fiercely. 

At the moment, the search for this feline has also begun in Jalisco, and as in Culiacán, Sinaloa, so far there are no positive results, which puts the population on alert.

Mexico Daily Post