Mexican F1 pilot Sergio Perez, started 3rd, finished 4th in Brazil


This is what “Checo” Perez told a press conference on Sunday, Nov. 14.

“It was difficult to get past Carlos Sainz today, I thought I was going to get him quite easily, but I couldn’t get the exit right in the final corner and that affected my ability to pass him.

We were expecting to hold them back at the start but that wasn’t the case in the end.

The main issue I was having today was that Sainz was always getting a good exit out of the final corner while my tires were overheating.

The straight-line speed of the Ferrari was quite strong too.

There is still a lot to play for and we can take more risks than today. I could have made up that position today but it would have involved taking too many risks, more than I would like.

I would like to move forward in the race tomorrow, we will be pushing from the start and trying to make the progress we want.

It’s important to have a good starting position tomorrow and then work from there, I hope I can get through the Ferrari quickly and have a good pace from lap one.

We will learn from what we have done today and be stronger in the coming reacing events.”

Source: MARCA

Mexico Daily Post