Chiapas indigenous threaten to go to war with Oaxaca


The SCJN ruled in favor of the state of Oaxaca in a constitutional controversy over its territorial limits with Chiapas and set a period of 30 months to make the pertinent modifications to its Constitutions and laws.

Indigenous people from the Rafael Cal y Mayor community of the Cintalapa municipality announced that they will defend their belonging to Chiapas if necessary by armed means despite the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) that determined that 160 thousand hectares where They have built several communities for half a century in Los Chimalapas.

The villagers have sent to the media photographs in which they appear with assault rifles and indicate that they will appeal to Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization on indigenous and tribal peoples so that their right is respected.

Photo: Indigenous Militias of Cintalapa / Europa Press

This Friday, the group called Autonomous Peoples in Defense of their Lands, from the Los Chimalapas area. According to local media, the sixth group of self-defense groups formed in this entity appeared with their faces covered and carrying rifles and sticks.

From the central auditorium of the Rafael Calimayor community, one of the 18 affected ejidos, the protesters expressed that they will defend their territory.

“We are people of peace, we do not want unfortunate events and today we declare ourselves as autonomous peoples,” one of the protesters told EFE.

They also demanded the intervention of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to support their struggle and for the 160,000 hectares to be returned to Chiapas.

Around Cal y Mayor is the area with the greatest number of agrarian nuclei, where indigenous people from the Highlands of Chiapas have settled in protected lands in the Los Chimalapas jungle, according to environmental organizations.

Indígenas chiapanecos rechazan su anexión a Oaxaca; amenazan con llegar a las armas

The inhabitants of Cal y Mayor do not want to belong to Oaxaca, because in Los Chimalapas the community members are governed by uses and customs. In this dispute over land, there have been killings and kidnappings.

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ruled in favor of the state of Oaxaca in a constitutional controversy over its territorial limits with Chiapas.

The Court’s decision, classified as historical and transcendent, implies that Chiapas loses the municipality of Belisario Domínguez, since it was created in a geographical space that does not correspond to the state.

The SCJN was based on an expert test in geography and cartography that allowed to discern and obtain a conclusion regarding the boundary points that governed New Spain and the Captaincy General of Guatemala since 1549, which today comprise the boundaries between the states, reported the cut in a statement.

Thursday’s debate centered on the Chiapas government’s decision in 2011 to create the municipality of Belisario Domínguez in the Los Chimalapas area.

The Plenary of the Court determined that the boundary line that should govern between both entities will start from south to north and will begin in Barra de Tonalá at 16 degrees north latitude, in a northwesterly direction to the Cerro del Chilillo, from there in a northwesterly direction. to the hill of La Jineta and from there, heading northeast, to the hill of Los Martínez.

As of this resolution, the Congresses of both states have 30 months to make the pertinent modifications to their Constitutions and respective laws, in order to incorporate the boundary points.

Chiapas must make adjustments in its Constitution and in the rest of its regulatory framework, in order to modify the limits of the municipality of Belisario Domínguez, so that they are congruent with the established boundary line.

The SCJN announced that the rest of the effects of the resolution will be analyzed in future plenary sessions.


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