Be careful what concept you use on bank transfer payments so you don’t get into trouble with SAT


Why not put weird names on your bank transfers

Have you joked with any payment concept when making bank transfers? Although some users think that this field is only visible to them and the person who receives the payment, it is not like that, this space has a clear objective and you have to be careful when filling it out, otherwise, this could turn on the Administration Service alerts Tax (SAT).

There are more and more people who use applications to make movements from their cell phone or computer, without the need to go to the banks, however at the time of making them and placing the concept of bank transfers there are those who opt for strange names, without knowing that that could cause problems for them.

The normal thing would be that when making bank transfers, simple names such as “dinner”, “toys”, “restaurant” or something like that would be used, but on social networks, especially on Twitter, several users have shared that as a result of placing strange names in their concepts, they have received a call from their bank.

También el SAT 'muerde'

Believe it or not, these entities can read the names of the concepts that you put in your bank transfers and if something does not add up or seems strange, they have the right to mark you to ask for an explanation about it, because they are only complying with the law .

What happens if you put weird names on your bank transfers?

The specialists explain that the regulations oblige entities such as banks, businesses, means of payment and others to monitor each and every one of the bank transfers that a person makes and that may be suspected of laundering or financing terrorism.

Faced with the enormous flow of banking movements, companies turn to Artificial Intelligence, since thanks to software it is possible to detect patterns or keywords related to terrorism, corruption, or in general to illegal matters.

The next thing is to generate an alert and be verified by a human analyst, he is the one who decides whether to continue with the deposit or to contact the user or in larger cases, a statement is issued to the corresponding entities.

Usually, when the concepts with strange names induce some illegal activity, the department in charge withholds the money and contacts the person to ask for more details about the transaction; And it is that although for many it seems a simple joke or something harmless, this could trigger problems with the police.

Rare names for bank transfers

The number of jokes through the concepts of bank transfers is huge, and it happens in several countries. In fact, during 2018 in Germany, a bank had to ask its clients to stop putting strange names on their movements, because that created extra work and sometimes caused the system to collapse.

Some issues such as “For cocaine”, “Weapons for the holy struggle in Syria” “Thank you for the kidney”, “For sexual favors” or “Plutonium suitable for weapons” led to banks in Europe having to initiate an investigation to clarify everything that was going on.


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