Literary Sala Reads presents Jan Baross, Frank Thoms, and Sher Davidson: Monday, Nov. 15

Latest Work by Jan Baross, Frank Thoms and Sher Davidson

Join us for the next San Miguel Literary Sala Read event, where three Literary Sala members will be sharing the stage and presenting their latest work.

Jan Baross is an award-winning novelist, documentary filmmaker, photographer, screenwriter, playwright, librettist, film critic and taught filmmaking at Oregon State University. Jose Builds a Woman, her debut novel, published by Ooligan Press, received first place for fiction. Ursula Le Guin gave it a thumbs up. Jan will be reading from the new novel Bye Bye Bakersfield.

Frank Thoms was a teacher for nearly forty years in the US, England, USSR, and an educational consultant for twelve years. Since then Frank has published five books, the latest from his ventures in the former Soviet Union, Behind the Red Veil: An American inside Gorbachev’s Russia. Now nearly ten years in San Miguel, he continues to write essays exploring further his ties to Russians and a contemplative book to serve as a companion for teachers who need to seek solace to cope with stress.

Sher Davidson attended the University of California, Berkeley, in the sixties. She was an activist in the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War Peace marches. Sher worked in France for two years where she realized her dream of traveling and understanding other cultures. She has had a career in the arts, designing custom fine jewelry, exhibiting her paintings and teaching. She is the author of a memoir and two novels, which include Under the Salvadoran Sun. She will be reading from her second novel.

A Q&A session will follow the readings.
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