After the opening of borders, San Ysidro and Otay border crossing taking hours


They anticipate more chaos on the weekend, with 100% more people

Tijuana.- Long lines and long waiting times are reported at the San Ysidro crossing, which looks crowded after the opening of the borders between Mexico and the United States. 

The Secretary of Urban Mobility of Tijuana, Javier Delgado Garibay, has indicated that it is chaos and total collapse at the San Ysidro crossing.

Faced with the multitude of people seeking to enter the neighboring country, the waiting time to cross has increased considerably, it even takes hours to achieve its mission. 

Despite the fact that the place is practically overcrowded, authorities expect the number of people to increase even more. They estimate that the crossing to the United States will increase between 50 and 100 percent these days, having its highest points, especially at the weekend.

Delgado Garibay asks for order and patience at the crossing, in order to help the passage to flow to the United States. 

“The slow road is saturated because they are the ones who want to get on the fast road and they will not be able to, because it is a confined area. And the low-speed lane continues to function as usual, we cannot avoid it, because it is normal city traffic, ”he said.

Finally, he added that the flow will improve, once the public has become familiar with this change in the traffic of the lanes, which will cause less inconvenience. 

“For too long, restrictions at our border have separated families and ruined businesses that depend on cross-border trade,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria.

For the first time since March 2020, non-citizen travelers will be able to enter the United States through a land border or ferry terminal for a non-essential reason, provided they are fully inoculated and can present proof of COVID-vaccination status. 19.

Lines of cars backed up at the San Ysidro border crossing in Tijuana on May 17

The COVID-19 restrictions implemented in March 2020 have had a huge economic and social impact, especially in communities divided by the border. In Mexico, the effects have been devastating for families who depend on the informal work that often takes place during crossings into the United States.

The restrictions have mostly prevented Mexican citizens with visas or border crossing cards from visiting the United States. That’s because US citizens like Maya and legal permanent residents cannot be prevented from returning to the US after crossing into Mexico, regardless of the reason.

Mexico never closed its northern borders to incoming visitors.

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