AMLO arrives in New York among cheers; supporters organize an impromptu ‘AMLOFest’


President López Obrador will arrive in New York tonight to preside over the UN Security Council tomorrow; supporters await it.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador arrived in New York tonight, where his visit has generated interest among his supporters, who have organized an “AMLOFest”.

“AMLO, my friend, the people are with you,” chanted the Mexicans who received the president when he left the John F. Kennedy International Airport and upon his arrival at the Millennium Hilton hotel, where he will spend the night.

Guarded by elements of the United States Secret Service, López Obrador responded to the reception by putting his arms to his chest as a sign of gratitude and boarded a black suburban truck with Daniel Assaf, head of the Assistantship.

Throughout New York City, Mexicans celebrate, even with mariachis, the arrival of the first president, who tomorrow will participate in the UN Security Council session to talk about corruption and inequality.

Since yesterday, groups have organized in various parts of the city such as Times Square or John F. Kennedy International Airport, to welcome the federal president.

The countrymen carry banners in support of the president and other photographs of the protest on December 1, 2018.

For example, in social networks, the presence of mariachis is reported, such as the “Habanero”, who performs Mexican songs to receive the head of the Federal Executive.

“We are the Mariachi Habanero and we are waiting for our dear president and we want to welcome him in New York with Mexican songs,” said the musicians outside the airport.

Some supporters have traveled from various parts of the United States such as Los Angeles or Texas to greet the President of the Republic, who tomorrow will address a message from the UN Security Council, where he will speak about corruption and inequality.

President López Obrador traveled in the company of Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón and they were received by the head of the diplomatic mission at the UN, Juan Ramón de la Fuente.

The president will spend the night at the Millennium Hilton hotel, located a few blocks from the United Nations headquarters.

The security of the President of the Republic will be in charge of the United States Secret Service.

López Obrador is scheduled to address a recorded message to the Mexican community in the United States and return to the country tomorrow afternoon.

Mexico Daily Post