AMLO accuses Spanish leaders and businesses of acting like Hernán Cortés


López Obrador accused Spanish companies that see Mexico as a ‘land of conquest and looting’, especially after the 2013 energy reform.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused “those from above” in Spain of still behaving like the conqueror Hernán Cortés, remembering the looting and robbery they made of Mexico’s heritage.

“Those from above (from Spain) are like when Cortés came and invaded us, since they arrived they kept Moctezuma’s treasure,” the president said in his daily press conference.

The president made these statements when recalling alleged acts of corruption by Spanish companies during previous governments.

In particular, it named companies in the energy and construction sector that entered into contracts with the Administrations of Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) and Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018).

“All Spanish, I do not know why so much complacency with the Spanish, I mean with those from above in Spain, with power,” said the president.

The leftist leader acknowledged last September that “it is known that relations with Spain are not good.”

In particular, López Obrador has criticized the refusal of the Spanish monarchy to offer apologies to the indigenous peoples of Mexico for the abuses committed during the conquest as he requested for this 2021 when 500 years of the anniversary are commemorated, renamed as “indigenous resistance ”.

“Bernal Díaz del Castillo himself, who writes the true History of New Spain, points out that time passed and the treasure was being reduced, that is, they were stealing it from each other (the Spaniards),” he commented.

But the president has also accused Spanish companies of still seeing Mexico as a “land of conquest and looting”, particularly after the 2013 energy reform that opened the sector to private parties.

” That mentality is still that of some of those at the top, not of the Spanish people, who are a working people, progressive, who deserve all our respect, all our admiration,” he said.

The president also criticized the recent practices in Spain of former political leaders who later work in energy companies.

“That also came from there, that they ended up in the Popular Party (PP) or in the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, the PSOE, and they went to the companies, former presidents, that is why here it began to look normal,” he denounced.


Mexico Daily Post