Netflix raises its prices in Mexico, again: this is how the new plans and prices remain from November 2021


Netflix has announced a new increase in the price of its plans in Mexico. This will be the second increase in just over a year, since it increased its prices due to the digital tax in May 2020.

The new Netflix prices in Mexico from November 2021 are as follows:

  • Basic plan: 139 pesos (remains)
  • Standard plan: 219 pesos , from 196 pesos
  • Premium plan: 299 pesos , from 266 pesos

The basic plan maintains its price of 139 pesos from the May 2020 increase, however, those that do increase are the other two plans. The standard increases to 219 pesos, from 196 pesos, and the premium reaches 299 pesos, an increase of 33 pesos from 266 pesos.

According to comments from a Netflix spokesperson, this price increase will be “to continue investing in new beings and movies” :

We inform you that as of November 1, the Basic plan will continue to cost 139 pesos, the Standard 219 pesos and the Premium 299 pesos. We understand that there are more entertainment options today than ever before and that is why we are committed to continuing to improve the experience for our members.

We will update the prices of the Standard and Premium plans, to continue investing in new series and movies, as well as in our platform. The price of the Basic plan will not change, as we want to continue offering different plan options, starting at $ 139 per month, so that people can choose the cost that best suits their budget.

The new Netflix prices in Mexico apply as of this Monday, November 1, 2021, and users will receive an email advising of the adjustment before the first collection of the new cost is made.

Netflix Mexico Prices November 2021

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