Irregularities detected for 104 million pesos in AMLO’s social programs


Mexico.- The Superior Audit of the Federation detected financial irregularities in social programs of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for 104 million pesos.

According to the 2019 Public Account report, the Secretary of Welfare did not verify the use of 7 million or 68 thousand pesos of resources in support of children’s stays as support for working mothers.

Likewise, it found the verification of 96.9 million of the Pension for People with Disabilities because its registration was inactive, among other irregularities.

According to the results obtained by the Superior Audit of the Federation, support was given to 5 thousand 393 beneficiaries despite the fact that their population code was invalid.

Meanwhile, another 1,600 people with disabilities accessed the program without being registered in the single population registry.


The audit also found that 142 people were overpaid for up to six bi-months. In 28 of these cases, duplicate records were observed and even the delivery of support to deceased persons.

Regarding the support program for Children of Working Mothers, the Superior Audit of the Federation detected that phantom supports were granted to 114 mothers, out of 1,293 children.

It was discovered that these beneficiaries of social programs do not have official identification, birth certificate or unique population registry.

The superior auditor of the Federation, David Colmenares Páramo, delivered this Thursday to the Chamber of Deputies the second package of results of the audits to the Public Account 2020.


Mexico Daily Post