AMLO is a communist and not a statist like Echeverría says José Luis Coindreau


José Luis Coindreau, former president of Coparmex and who was accused of sedition by Luis Echeverria, assures that López Obrador is a communist.

José Luis Coindreau García, former president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), affirms that Andrés Manuel López Obrador aspires to be a communist and not a statist like Luis Echeverría Álvarez.

“He wants to be a dictator, he aspires to be a dictator. Personally, I think that he aspires to be a communist dictator and has a particular sympathy for communism, “he says.

“The business sector should say it clearly: it is not statism as it could be and it is not socialism, but the course that this man wants to take is communism,” he considers.

“What more evidence? Their recognition and praise in favor of the world organizations of Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela ”, he tells Forbes Mexico.

José Luis Coindreau García experienced a break with former presidents Luis Echeverría Álvarez and José López Portillo. It was also watched by spies under the command of Miguel Nassar Haro, former head of the Federal Security Directorate (DFS), in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Monterrey businessman challenged José López Portillo through protests and demonstrations, who announced salary increases of 30%, 20%, and 10% —which deepened the crisis from which the country was just beginning to emerge— and the nationalization of the banks.

He also heard in March 1982 before the general assembly of Concanaco a phrase that marked the relationship between businessmen and the government: “A president who devalues ​​himself, devalues ​​himself; I know that a president who makes decisions at times like the current ones, for many sectors they lose credibility and, of course, for many others, it is a cause of the withdrawal of faith ”.

“On some occasion, in a display of letterheads paid for by the government of (Luis) Echeverría, they accused me and asked that they open a process for sedition for making statements against the regime.”

José Luis Coindreau García, former president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic.

The former president of the Monterrey National Chamber of Commerce from 1973 to 1974 worked hand in hand at Coparmex with businessmen such as Andrés M. Sada Zambrano, Manuel J. Clouthier del Rincón and José María Basagoiti Noriega. All were also spied on by the DFS.

After the Mexican Revolution, the former business leader exposes, citizens walked in peace and began to organize and develop, but in 1940 Lázaro Cárdenas del Río sowed the division between rich and poor but ended his regime without profound changes beginning.

Even, he adds, nothing happened with the arrival to power of Manuel Ávila Camacho or with Miguel Alemán Velasco or with the left of Adolfo López Mateos.

Luis Echeverria Álvarez came to power with a sowing of hatred, says the businessman. And now up Andrés Manuel López Obrador with actions of agitation and hatred, something that among the Mexican population is unable to carry it against the differences of color, skin, and heritage, says the member of the National Council of the PAN from 1984 to date.

“The agitators that we have had in the history of Mexico have not been successful and López Obrador is helping to verify my thesis, because in the middle of his term he has already turned against the population”, says who was a counselor of Concanaco (1970 -1975).

– Is the statism of the government of Luis Echeverría compared to that proposed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador?

—No, Luis Echeverría was a socialist or statist, that is, he wanted to concentrate economic activity in the State and the companies, which were heading for bankruptcy, he bought them to nationalize it: That was his vocation and his mission. Here it is a serious and serious state, since (López Obrador) greatly admires communist regimes, as well as disapproves of the aspirationists who study, get university degrees and struggle to get ahead and have a home.

The also former president of the Center for Political Studies of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) comments that in López Obrador’s six-year term, businessmen have felt very quiet, except for Gustavo de Hoyos, former president of Coparmex and today part of the Yes for Mexico group, by the hand of Claudio X. González.

“I felt that there were no more voices than Coparmex, something that is not unusual because Coparmex has always stood out for having a very independent and very strong voice,” says Coindreau García, who in the 1980s began to participate in politics on the dirt streets of San Pedro Garza García, one of the richest municipalities in Mexico. There he would go out with speaker in hand to carry out political activism.

The founder of the Consejo Cívico de Instituciones de Nuevo León, a body similar to Vertebra de Carlos Abascal Carranza, recalls that businessmen affiliated with business organizations should not participate in partisan politics.

He adds that businessmen are obliged to participate in civic policy, criticism and signaling, orientation and recognition to promote a governor, mayor, or president by making wise decisions and recognizing and applauding and criticizing them.

“But that is different from speaking out for a party because then they begin to marginalize themselves internally,” said former president Coparmex.

“I have always believed that the businessman should participate as a business organization in the decisions of the gentlemen who occupy public positions and not to partisan”, he adds.

“Today the businessman softened his positions and pretended to be able to live with some decisions, except Gustavo de Hoyos who, I think, had a good eye from an early hour, to determine that we were going astray with Mr. López Obrador.”

José Luis Coindreau García, former president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic.

“The business organizations are not here to fight with the regime, but neither are we to kneel before the regime and it would have an authentic, autonomous and critical position for better or for worse the actions of the regime,” he says.

During the first two years of the López Obrador government, there was too much silence, goodwill, and good faith on the part of some business organizations, such as the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Coindreau García mentions.

“Already with the setbacks received from the regime, the lies of the regime or the falsehoods of entering a meeting and have an agreement. But that same afternoon the President of the Republic was declaring the opposite, so without the aforementioned saying ‘, he is in error, so that is not the case. Today there has been no response capacity ”.

Coindreau García points out that business leaders must seek dialogue with results and not dialogue to tell lies.

“In other words, ‘I love you a lot, I admire you a lot from here to there and from there to here, as well as ‘I also respect your activity a lot and leave the meeting and the next morning as a dry reboot to everything. that was said the day before ”.

The political parties, he assures, woke up and managed to unite in many states for positions of governors, mayors, as well as federal and local deputies: “That caused a strong setback to statist policies.”

“The President of the Republic will fight from now on to continue with the elimination of autonomous and independent organizations, which has given us a little life to democracy,” says Coindreau García.

“I am not saying that we were on the right track or we were on the right track, but still on a road very full of stones and potholes.”

“The National Electoral Institute (INE) brought us electoral peace since 1996 when it was created, reformed, and strengthened. I believe that in the elections, despite the continuous attacks and pressure on the president. The INE maintained a position worthy of recognition because it is not easy to face a president personally, I have lived it and they are difficult positions ”.

The president does not realize alerts, which will put a brake on him and will bump into internal realities typical of a country like Mexico, asserts Coindreau García.

“His own party (Morena) will begin to reject the thought to differ from his thought and with the intention of winning supporters for the next elections.”

Morenaism will continue to have divisions: “I know friends of mine who were confident at the start of the game that there was a change.”

The political parties, he continues, have made serious mistakes and the population is right to say “let me look for a change” and in the change, they found the worst things about López Obrador. “That change and that pounding have hit us with the traditional parties,” he says.

The parties have also developed power preserves and prevent the entry of brilliant, independent people who think for themselves, he points out.

“These power preserves want people who bow their heads before a central directive. That is why the political parties have lost brilliant people, very very good people because they are disappointed in us ”, he emphasizes.

“We lost sensitivity and we have to return to the parties: I am talking about my party, the PAN, which must return to that tradition of encompassing all citizens and including citizens who embrace the values ​​we have had since 1939,” he adds. .

“No party has remained faithful to its initial values, they all change and become fashionable. In the PAN we defend the values ​​that Manuel Gómez Morín ”, expresses Coindreau García.


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